Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let the Season Begin!


I decided to stave off winter shack-happiness by starting my leeks in early March.  They are doing well and are being regularly trimmed to keep them 2-3 inches tall so their roots will develop.  They smell great when given a "hair cut"!  I also planted Swiss Giant pansies early, as they can take a long time to germinate.

Between March 28th and now, I started the following seeds...

Great White tomato
Tomatoes: Yellow Cherry, Isis Candy (cherry), Black Krim, Opalka (paste), Great White (supposed to taste like a cross between melon and pineapple!), Emerald Evergreen, Cole - all new to me this year
Broccoli (we'll see how this goes, have never grown broccoli from seed)
Snowball cauliflower (ditto above)
Golden Acre cabbage
Mammoth Red cabbage
King of the North pepper
Jalapeno pepper (have not grown this before)
Doe Hill pepper (also new)

Vittoria eggplant (new - a hybrid - boo hiss - but it matures very early, which is what I might need for eggplants up here)Casper eggplant (new - heirloom - small, white eggplants!)
Ping Tung eggplant

King of the North Peppers
Ping Tung Eggplant
So far, the broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, K.o.N. pepper, and the Yellow Cherry, Black Krim, Opalka, Cole, and Isis Candy tomatoes have sprouted.  The eggplants and other peppers refuse to budge.  Not enough sunshine and not enough heat.  I don't blame them.

Black Krim tomato

The rest - beans, parsnip & carrots, Swiss chard, kohlrabi (am going to try it this year, if I have room) will have to be sown directly in the garden.  I hope the Black Krim turn out as beautifully for me as some of the pictures I have seen.  It looks absolutely luscious!

Karl in the plant room

Our neighbour's cat, who likes to visit us every day, decided to take it upon himself to oversee the health and growth of my seedlings.  Very good of him, I thought!


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