Sunday, March 25, 2018

Redpolls and Snowflakes

These little guys (Redpolls, I think) discovered the finch food we put out and have been feasting all weekend.  A few chickadees have also joined in the festivities.  

About two weeks ago, R. brought home finch food instead of the usual bird food we buy.  The sparrows and starlings were not amused.  They unceremoniously flung bunches of it off the bird feeders onto the ground.  I was going to clear out the feeders and replace it with the regular food as soon as we stocked up again, but to my surprise, Redpolls showed up yesterday and seem to be thoroughly enjoying the free lunch.

I took these pictures yesterday.  Considering they were taken on an overcast day and through an older, dusty, double-paned window, they turned out better than expected.  Today, it is -10 degrees and snowing. Very pretty outside.  We've received more snow today than during the two days last week that had forecasted snowfall warnings.  Go figure!

Bea came out to help me shovel this afternoon...

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