Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Good Day To Hibernate

The temperature has been holding steady at around -20 degrees for the last week or two.  Not bad, for this time of the year.

We've had snowfall almost daily for the last week.  I keep telling myself, "At least it's a light, dry snow".  Sometime late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, it started snowing and didn't stop until the wee hours of this morning.  It is so deceptive as it falls - floating and fluffy and sparkly.  That can't be bad, can it?  The sparrows and starlings gather in the trees to chirp and play among the flakes.  I makes me think of the Snow Days we had when I was in school.  Nothing felt as good as hearing the radio announcer say that school in our district was closed due to the storm and then hopping back into my warm bed, spared at least one day - possibly more - of the mind-numbing, soul-smothering obligation that was school.

I took some pictures yesterday afternoon from the front step while it was still snowing: 

This morning, I went out at 7:50am to shovel, but didn't get far.  It has dropped to -30 degrees.  Shoveling can wait.  Especially when there are podcasts to listen to and Super Bowl commercials to watch and (unfortunately) dishes to be washed.  This is a good day to hibernate.


  1. Thanks for alerting me to your new blog post for 2018 : )
    To say I am shocked by the amount of snow you have had so far this winter is an understatement! And, to have such fine,dry,feathery snow accumulate to such depth is all the more mind-boggling. Compared with Dawson Creek, Halifax has had very little snow yet this winter, although the Valley, southern regions of the province, and parts of Cape Breton have had more.
    Stay warm and cozy, and bring on the hot chocolate!

  2. Blimey! I don't think we've ever had snow like that here, not even when I was little! Don't be mad at me but...I do miss it! There's never enough to make a snowball here, let alone a snowman! But I do draw the line at -30, that's just rude!!

  3. PS I forgot to ask where your car is located in those drifts!?!