Monday, September 25, 2017

Garlic's Planted!

I planted my garlic today.  Strangely enough, now that that is done, I feel like I can relax, though there is plenty of yardwork and preserving still to do.  

I moved the garlic to the south garden for next year's crop.  A friend who grows thousands of bulbs every summer told me that it is best to rotate planting spots every 2 years or so as a preventative measure against a kind of mould garlic can develop.  I can't remember what it is called, but I gather it can take up to 10 years for your garden soil to be free of it once it effects your garlic crop.  Point taken, and garlic moved!

I planted the Siberian, Central Siberian, and Brown Tempest rounds from the bulbils I sowed last Fall in pots again.  Those rounds are still quite small, and I don't want them overtaken by weeds or accidentally mistaken for grass and pulled out of the patch.  The Kiev and Baba Franchuk's rounds seemed large enough to plant directly in the ground, so I planted them beside the regular cloves of garlic.  In total, 33 rounds were planted in pots and 49 cloves & rounds in the ground (the cloves are mostly Red Russian with a few Northern Quebec).  I am tempted to run out and stick another clove in the ground to make it an even 50!

In the next few days, I'll mow some leaves and mulch the garlic patch with them.  Looking forward to having the garlic "put to bed" for the winter.

Update:  I know, it is a picture of dirt and rocks.  But this is the new garlic patch!  I'm sure it will look more enthralling next summer.

And yes, I did run out and stick another clove in the ground.  Hee hee...

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