Saturday, July 16, 2016

Swimming in Parsley, Lettuce, and Apples


Parsley and sage (at the top) in the herb dryer.

The flowers on one of the ball dahlia plants have begun to open. All my dahlias so far are white!

Lacinato kale (with some limp looking onions along the front of the bed).


R.'s potato experiment seems to be going well...

Finally, a squash-to-be (North Georgia Candy Roaster) and some tendrils/curlicues.

Some red lettuce, carrots, and marigolds beneath one of the tomato plants.

Windsor Broad Beans

The crab apple tree is loaded with fruit this year.

Lettuce and carrots

Summer savoury

Harris Model parsnips

Two zucchini plants, some nasturtiums, and a few sunflowers.  Our summer squash (zucchini, Gelber Englisher Custard, Scallop) are all behind.  This time last year, we had several large squash, ready to pick.

Rainbow chard in the middle, wooley thyme in the foreground, creeping thyme to the left, silver mound at the back.

Epazote (herb) - a little yellow from all the rain we've been getting.

Mazarini tomato - this is big!  I hope I end up with a whole bunch this size...

...but for now, the rest are about the size of grapes.

Lou, stretching it out on the apple tree trunk.

The apple tree is also loaded this year.  Last year, there were 13 apples on the entire tree.  There are three times that many now.

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