Thursday, July 28, 2016

Females Only

Our zucchini plants have finally started to produce, but so far, only female flowers and no male flowers to pollinate them!  This is completely backwards.  Usually, there are loads of male flowers and we have to keep an eye out for the female ones.  I have no idea why this is happening.  As far as I know, last year's zucchini, which I saved seed from, was an heirloom variety.  Then again, I got the original seed in a trade, and you never really know what you are getting in a trade.  We decided to try pollinating them using male flowers from the North Georgia Candy Roaster, a winter squash.  The little I have read on the subject tells me this isn't supposed to work, but the zucchini is growing anyway.  Maybe I have a hybrid?

Speckled Roman tomatoes

The cabbage seems to be coming along well.  I have three or four varieties of green cabbage - some started from seed, some bought as transplants from the greenhouse.  I have generally lost track of which is which, though the cone-shaped cabbage (Jersey Wakefield - the first picture below) is a variety I grew from seed.

Shasta daisies and Scarlet Flax

My poor little eggplants.  Look how small they are!

Our one cucumber.  Hopefully, there will be more to come!

Red zebra tomatoes

Our apple tree is loaded this year.  I gather we are among the lucky ones, as many people's apple and crabapple trees were zapped by the snow in May and lost all their blossoms.

Lots of crabapples, too, and they're starting to ripen...

The first poppy

The broad beans (Windsor Broad) are LARGE.

The pea patch is a bit of a rat's nest, with several of the rows having grown together.  It will be tricky to harvest the first batch, but well worth it.

The shallots are a lot larger than I expected them to be.

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