Thursday, May 19, 2016

Just In Time for the May Long Weekend

Last night and this morning, the air has been hazy and filled with the smell of smoke from the wildfires near FSJ.  The temperature outside at 6:30am was 6 degrees.  Now, at 8:10am, it is 3 degrees, raining, and snowing.  While the precipitation is welcome,  I do wish it was a few degrees warmer.  Forecasts for the next three days call for overnight lows of -1 with more mixed rain and snow.  There is a weather warning in effect for the region that says snow accumulations of 5-10cm are possible for certain areas.  Typical ugly weather for the May long weekend!

Yesterday, I planted the cabbage transplants in the rock bed by the currant bush.  Many of the seedlings were nibbled to death by something that left pin-sized holes in the leaves, but I still managed to end up with 13 transplants.   I will happily use milk jugs to start my cabbage seed again next year.   :-)

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