Sunday, August 23, 2015


    Yesterday was a sunny, warm day, but it must have dipped low the night before. I went out in the morning to find a whole bunch of beans, basil, the zinnias along the side of the garden, part of a zucchini plant, a Gelber Englischer Custard Squash plant, a pepper plant, and a cucumber plant had been "zapped" by frost. The leaves were dark, wilted, and soft. Now they are dark, curled, and crispy.  I have never had to worry about covering things at night in mid-August! 

    The Calimas that were hit the hardest were full of blooms, where a big crop of beans would eventually grow. Buckets of produce lost there. The dry bean plants had only the top leaves hit, so I am hopeful they will hang on. They are not even close to being mature enough to harvest and dry.

GEC Squash

Calima beans - they were the most productive fresh beans I've grown.

The almost-invisible brown strip across the middle is zapped basil!

Dry beans, a rare variety (Coco Jaune de Chine).


Dry beans - Red Kidney

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