Thursday, August 27, 2015

Takes a Licking, Keeps on Ticking

It is a mild, dewy morning out there.  Although the garden in general looks ratty since the early frost hit, there are still little 'jewels' and surprises to be found throughout.

The first pink dahlia opened. Really pretty!

One of the Sunspot sunflowers.  I love these.  They are only 4 feet tall, have large heads, and the bees enjoy them.  Seeds for the birds come October.

Finally!  A ripening tomato that does NOT have blossom end rot!

The Gajo de Melon cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen.  I have two planted.  They are very large, but haven't produced as many tomatoes as I expected they would.

The Kenearly Yellow Eye beans are the first to start drying out.

The borage is abundant.  It's nice to have something blue in the garden.  I'll have to pull out the plants before the seeds start dropping.  Borage grows and self-seeds very easily, I have learned.  We found a small bush of it growing outside the compost bin last week.  A seed from last year's plants must have escaped the bin!

We might get some Cosmos yet. I planted the seeds in May but they took a long time to germinate.  There are finally some blossom buds forming.  Love the foliage, very feathery.

Part of the North garden.  The tomatoes, lettuce, sunflowers, and carrots are okay.  Even the eggplant is okay, though the eggplants came to a screeching halt this month when the weather cooled off.  There are plenty of flowers on them, but only two actual eggplants growing.  The poor beans look awful.  I can't bring myself to pull them out.  I hope the few remaining "unzapped" leaves on each plant will allow the plants to keep putting out a few beans in the case of the string beans and in the case of the dry beans, will allow them to continue to mature for drying.

Cat tree photo shoots are always risky.  Bea (top kitty) likes to manhandle and biff the vegetables...!

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