Thursday, November 6, 2014

Zucchini, Squash, and Cucumber 2014

Earliest Mincu cucumber (hybrid)
Date sown:  May 12, 2014
Sown outside
Date germinated: May 27, 2014 (~2 weeks)
5/7/14 - We have tried growing cucumbers two or three times before.  They are always slow to get going and then never really thrive (although we did get a few cukes last year).  We have a few of this variety from seed and a variety from a greenhouse transplant on the go but they are still small.
Would grow again?  Probably not

Zucchini (unknown variety - obtained in a trade)
Sown outside
Date sown:  May 12, 2014
Date germinated: May 27, 2014 (~2 weeks)
21/6/14 - I have two of these plants on the go. One is so much larger and healthier than the other!
5/7/14 - Coming along nicely, seem robust. 
8/8/14 - So far, have harvested 4 large zucchini.  One more large one is on the vine.  Two new female flowers were spotted today, so we should get at least two more before the end of the season. 
Sept 2014 - these produced 5 or 6 zucchini before the cold weather hit.
Approximate date harvested:  Started harvesting around last week of July.
Would grow again?  Will grow zucchini again, but might try another variety, maybe even a hybrid.  I was surprised these plants didn't produce more.


Tay Belle acorn squash (hybrid)
Date sown:  May 12, 2014
Sown outside
Did Not Germinate

Sweet Meat winter squash
Direct sown outside
Date sown: May 29, 2014

Date germinated: June 11, 2014  (~2 weeks)
Had to replant, as only one germinated.
Second planting:  June 12, 2014
Second one did not germinate!
Observations:  21/6/14 - Only one of these is on the go.  Three or four planted, only 1 germinated.
8/8/14 - So far, have three pollinated squash growing...two of them with the vine wrapped around the apple tree! 
Sept 2014 - Two of the three pollinated squash ended up shriveling and dying, but I came away with one 16 lb squash.
Would grow again?  Yes

Red Kuri squash
Date sown:  June 21, 2014 
Sown outside
Date germinated:July 1, 2014 (11 days)
21/6/14 - Planted two seeds - might be too late to sow, as they require ~100 DTM.  Third time planting some sort of winter squash this summer, as several seeds did not germinate and needed to be replaced.  Next year: sow a bunch, thin to strongest!
5/7/14 - Only 1 of the 2 replants germinated, so  few days ago, I replanted a third time in the third squash spot. 
8/8/14 - So far, have one pollinated squash of this variety.
Sept 2014 - Harvested the one cute little squash.  Not mature enough (or large enough, frankly) to eat, but it makes a pretty autumn decoration.
Would grow again? yes

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