Thursday, November 6, 2014

Peas and Potatoes 2014

Russett potatoes
Date direct sown:  May 11, 2014
Date germinated: Forgot to take note of this.
8/8/14 - Almost all plants thriving, flowers started to appear about two weeks ago and are still appearing on various plants.
Approximate date harvested:  September 15th
Would grow again? Yes

Banana Potatoes (also called "Fingerlings", I believe)

Date direct sown:  around mid June
5/7/14 - I got four seed potatoes of this variety from someone I gave some tomato plants to.  We put them in a raised bed at the back of the house.  The seed potatoes looked iffy but the plants are doing well and need to be hilled!
8/8/14 - These have grown like weeds.  R built up the sides of the container with boards and added dirt three times.  I am eager to see how many potatoes we get from this small, experimental plot.
Sept 2014 - These produced no potatoes!  Arhg!  I was so looking forward to trying these, and thought we'd have lots at harvest time. Nope!
Would grow again?  I would like to try growing fingerling potatoes, but next time will order starting seeds from a producer.

Green Arrow peas  (and a few Little Marvels to finish the last row!)
Date direct sown:  May 12, 2014
Date germinated:  May 22, 2014  (10 days)
5/7/14 - Peas look great, are putting out flowers in earnest now.  The plastic mesh and bamboo stake trellises seem to be doing the trick so far.
8/8/14 - This trellis system seemed to do the trick, though we had to add ~3 sturdy wooden stakes to each row as the peas matured.  
Approximate date harvested:
Started harvesting ~July 20th and continued until mid-August.  Only sporadic picking after that, as most pease had matured and been picked by early August.
Would grow again? GREEN ARROW is the way to go.  Full, large pods, consistent growth, easy to harvest. 


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