Friday, February 7, 2014

Storing and Organizing Seeds

There are countless videos and articles online describing different ways to store seeds.  Here are a few I've found helpful.

The seed spreadsheet mentioned in the above video can be downloaded HERE.  

This is how I currently store most of my seeds.  (That is not my binder, though!)   It took a while to organize, but now it is so much easier to quickly flip through what I have and find what I need.  Larger seeds, like peas and beans, are stored in their original packets in a shoebox.  Large amounts of any given variety of bean are stored in plastic tubs or glass jars with an oxygen absorber or two.  Many sites recommend storing seeds in the refrigerator or freezer.  I don't - we simply do not have the room!

This is not a particularly scintillating video to watch, but it gives you the idea...  

Here is a simple method for long term seed storage.  Unfortunately, the video will not embed.  Please click HERE to view it.  

And Martha Says...

A great article from the Homestead Revival blog illustrating the author's favourite way to organize seeds.  I really like the form she created to keep track of the varieties of vegetables she grows.  The form is downloadable and available HERE.

Other ideas...

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