Friday, January 24, 2014

Garden List 2014 – What I’m Planting…

 …or at least, what I'm planning to plant.  Early days yet.

   It is an unseasonably mild (11 degrees) and sunny January day in the thriving metropolis.  The driveway is a skating rink under a half inch of water.  Getting the mail this morning was an adventure.  Even Karl, our neighbour’s cat, took a tumble walking with me to the mailbox.

   The warm weather has resulted in early-onset Spring Fever and with it, the desire to garden.  Now.  I decided to root through my binders and boxes of seeds to sort out what I will grow this summer.

   "The Plan", as it stands.   Anything new for this year is red.  Everything is heirloom or open-pollinated unless otherwise specified.

Cherry – Green Doctors Frosted, Sweetie Red, Black, Pink Bumblebee
Paste – Mazarini, San Marzano, Opalka
Other  - Emerald Evergreen, Eva Purple Ball (pink), Moskvich (red), Northern Lights (orange/yellow marbled), and Paul Robeson (black).

Scarlet Nantes
Jaune Obtus du Doubs

Turnips –  An Amish heirloom variety received from my online friend, Michael, in Arkansas

Detroit Dark Red
Detroit Golden

Dry Bush – Vermont Cranberry (can also be a shell bean),Beka Brown, Kenearly Yellow Eye, and Marrowfat if I have room!
Snap/Wax Bush – Buerre de Rocquencourt, Topcrop, Royal Burgundy, Provider
Pole - Snowcap (dry)

Spinach - Bloomsdale
Kale - Lacinato, Red Russian
Lettuce - Romaine lettuce “Baby Star” (hybrid), Mesclun mix, Black Seeded Simpson
Mustard - Ruby Frills Red
Swiss Chard - Fordhook

Nardello Italian
Sweet Chocolate
Early Sunsation (yellow bell hybrid - thanks, Sharon & Eddy!)

Peas – Green Arrow 

Cabbage - Red and green, from the local greenhouse

Broccoli - From the local greenhouse

Cauliflower - From the local greenhouse

Potatoes – A Russet of some sort

Leeks – Giant Musselburgh

Ping Tung
Vittoria (hybrid)
Black Beauty

Zucchini Unsure what kind, I received the seeds in a trade

Dark Opal basil
Summer Savoury
Lemon Balm
Italian Parsley (flat leaf)
Sweet basil

Swiss Giant Pansy
Zinnias – Polar Bear (hybrid), Starlight Rose (hybrid)
Sunspot Sunflower (hybrid)
Dwarf Hollyhock, Majorette Mix (hybrid)

   Hoping the calendula, Scarlet Flax, gomphrena, and rose mallow that went to seed at the end of last summer comes up again!

   I think I might forgo trying to grow winter squash this year.  It takes up so much space.  If I do, I will probably try an hybrid variety because our season is so short.  If I really cave, I'll grow an heirloom: Red Kuri.

...and maybe, just maybe, some multi-hued quinoa...!

(updated February 11/14)

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