Thursday, June 13, 2013


We have a situation.  

The no-show melon seeds I planted and then replaced some time later with pumpkin seeds suddenly appeared yesterday.  I thought they'd rotted with all the rain we've received.  In three containers, there will be a mix of two kinds of melons (Sweet Siberian and Cream of Saskatchewan) and Winter Luxury pumpkin.  I have no idea, at this point, which melon is which or whether everything will grow properly, bunched together in those containers. We'll see how things pan out.  It would be wonderful if they all thrived and we ended up with melons for the summer and pumpkins in the fall.

For that to happen, though, we'll need a stretch of sunshine and heat, which we haven't seen since May.  Rain, rain rain.  My beans are about to sprout life jackets, flip us the bird, and row for higher ground if we keep getting downpours like this.  


The potatoes, peas, lettuce, and beets (pictured) seem to be doing well and the weeds, naturally, are flourishing.

We pruned the lilac bush, so it didn't produce many flowers this year.  What did appear are pretty, and smell divine!

The bed of leeks!  Can you see them?

Rogue chives, growing near the fence.

After a good pruning this Spring, the current bush has bounced back well. 

Our senior supervisor, Saj, opted to stay inside today and catch up on her beauty sleep.

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