Sunday, June 2, 2013

After The Rain

I have typed the title of this post hesitantly.  After a clear day yesterday and a sunny, warm morning today, thick, grey clouds are rolling in and I just spotted lightning over the downtown area.  More rain?  I hope not!

A few pictures of the garden, taken this afternoon...

Beans!  My beans have sprouted!  I have no idea why this fills me with such glee, but it does.  These are "Tene's Beans", a dry bush bean.  My Speckled Algonquin, Anasazi, and Beurre de Rocquencourt beans have all started to sprout as well.  Oh, happy day!

Green Arrow peas are coming along nicely.

Determinate tomatoes (Yellow Cherry and Cole) in one of the raised beds.

This is Butters, another neighbour's cat.  She loves head-pettings and being talked to, but loathes being picked up and won't be held.  Super affectionate and likes people...but not other cats.  This proves to be a problem when she wanders into our house for a visit.  Visits outside work out much better for everyone.

Chocolate mint in the foreground, a flower bed in the making (stone bed), buckets of tomatoes lining the fence, a bed of kohlrabi (wood), and the potato patch ("North" garden) right in front of the house.  Swiss Giant Pansies and dahlias in containers on the step.  Dandelions everywhere.

A Russet potato plant in the freshly-hoed patch!

The "South" garden, also right in front of the house, with Anasazi & Beurre de Rocquencourt beans, sage, nasturtiums, cucumbers, green onions, red cabbage (transplants), broccoli (transplants), and cauliflower (transplant) planted.  The tree furthest to the right is a crab apple in bloom.  In the foreground, containers of Sunspot sunflowers.  Wooden containers to the right have Watermelon radish and various greens planted in them.

Indeterminate tomatoes, peppers, and rain barrels along the side of the house.  (Better Homes & Gardens material, this is not...)

At the back of the house: tomatoes, corn, a young apple tree, Sweet Siberian melons (maybe...I have lost track of what kind of melons I've grown...could be Cream of Saskatchewan instad!), and Sugar Pie pumpkin planted.  The flowering tree in the back alley is a crab apple, a different kind than the one on our front lawn.

Assorted greens:  Pac Choi, Red Oak Leaf lettuce, Perpetual Spinach, Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, Mesclun mix, etc.  Also weeds in there, but I'll have to let things grow a bit more before pulling anything out.  I don't want to yank out lettuce and leave the dreaded pigweed.

Oh, just started to POUR.   :/   We already have 23 garbage cans of varying sizes that we use as rain barrels, one actual rain barrel, and a number of buckets  - all are full of water and could have been filled once over again.  And now more rain?? 

At least I won't have to water anything for a while.

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