Monday, April 24, 2017

Coming Along

Tomatoes, peppers, parsley, marigolds, and a few houseplants under a light in the kitchen.

In the plant room, tomatoes and peppers on the cat tree (Bea and Lou are not thrilled about this).

More tomatoes and peppers in the plant room...

...and still more!

In the living room, my beloved leeks, a handful of tomatoes and peppers, parsley, and marigolds.  The last two weeks have been overcast and cool.  The seedlings are showing it.  :-(

Overnight temps lately have dipped as low as -4, and tonight the forecast is -8.  I brought in my milk jug greenhouses for the time being.  Almost everything has germinated, including the Swiss chard...

...and the mixed kale!  :-)

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