Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Stalled Low Pressure System

Rain, rain, rain.

It has been raining steadily since early yesterday evening.  The sump pump in the basement has been coming on at alarmingly regular intervals, and pools of water are accumulating around the house's foundation (such as it is).  Not to mention the pools of water in the crawlspace beneath the house.  Big puddles in the gardens, the driveway, and along the fence line.  Every bucket and rain barrel we own is full to overflowing.  

Some of the beans I am trying to grow out are now swimming in a slurry of potting soil and water because the drainage holes aren't adequate.  I am pretty sure I saw a snorkel pop out of the Hutterite Soup Bean container.  One of my dahlias is almost floating in it's container as well.  If I had a Sou'Wester, I'd put it on the poor thing.  We have moved the waterlogged containers in as close to the side of the house as we can.   

Low-lying areas of town are flooding, Tumbler Ridge is getting snow, and Chetwynd is at risk of having one of it's bridges wash out.  The rain is supposed to continue on into Thursday.

(3:00pm,  9 degrees C., "feels like" 5 degrees C.)

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