Sunday, February 28, 2016

Birthday Goodies

On Thursday morning, I was led on a bit of a treasure hunt through the house to find my birthday gifts. In the bathtub, hidden by the shower curtain, I found a hard-sided potting bin and a book on orchids.  Under the dining room table on a chair, a seed saving binder (Lee Valley)In the washing machine (ha!), a whole bunch of dahlia tubers (assorted ball and Karma dahlias).  The boxed tuber is called, 'Arabian Night'.

Also in the potting bin, some little watering caps (red and green, beside the seed saving binder) that are used on water or pop bottles.

In the plant room, a peat pellet greenhouse kit that includes a head mat.

When I checked my email, I found a gift certificate for Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds from my brother! I ordered:

Grey-Speckled Palapye Cowpeas -
White Whippoorwill cowpeas

Grey-Speckled Palapye cowpeas

Lime Basil

Flashy Oak Lettuce

Gentilina Lettuce

Mexican Sunflower (Red Torch) -

Candy Roaster - North Georgia squash

Calima beans (I grew these last year - tender, and excellent producers)
Mexican sunflower – Red Torch

I have never grown cowpeas before.  I am not even sure they will do well in this zone, it being the polar opposite (pun intended) of the climate they typically thrive in.  I chose early varieties that have a bush-like habit (I gather most are "viners").  If I can find the space, it will be a fun experiment.

White Whippoorwill Cowpeas -

The rosemary, parsley, and leeks planted a week and a half ago have all started to sprout:

One little rosemary sprout in this picture!

The leeks were the first things to appear.

Now, I just have to wait until I can start my tomatoes, eggplants, marigolds, pansies, squash, etc. Mid-March seems very far away.

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