Saturday, December 12, 2015

It Arrived!

I participated in the Annual Canadian Autumn Seed  Exchange again this year. I always look forward to this exchange, as it is very well organized and rare varieties of seeds are often submitted.  My return parcel arrived this week, much to my delight!  It included several items from my wish list and a number of seed varieties I hadn't heard of before.  I received...

Lovage -

Herbs - Ajwain (carom), purple basil, fenugreek, feverfew, lovage, and thyme.

Cosmos, Double Click Snowpuff -

FlowersAmbersoa (Desert Star), Chrysanthemum (Single Annual), Cosmos (Double Click Snowpuff), Digitalis (Foxglove), Datura Inoxia (Moonflower), Rose Campion (Alba), Strawflower (Choice Mix), Wildflower mix, and Benary’s Giant Lime zinnia.

Nicotiana Sylvestris (

Miscellaneous - Mimosa Tree, Money Plant, and Nicotiana Sylvestris (flowering tobacco plant).

Flagg pole beans (

Arakara – bush
Blue Jay – bush (snap/dry)
Doloff – pole (dry)
Flagg – pole (dry – RARE)
Jacob’s Cattle – bush (dry)
Kahnawake Mohawk – pole (dry)
Painted Pony – bush (snap/dry)
Soldier – bush (dry)
True Red Cranberry – bush with pole habit (dry)
Zuni Shalako – bush (snap/dry)

Painted Mountain Corn (

Carrots – Kaleidoscope (hybrid) and Scarlet Nantes

Corn – Painted Mountain

Eggplant – Almaz (hybrid), Early Long Purple (hybrid?), and Casper

Garlic – Kostyn’s Red Russian

Copenhagen cabbage (


Cabbage – Copenhagen, Jersey Wakefield, and Red Acre

Kale  - Sweet Blue and Green (hybrid)

Lettuce – Black Seeded Simpson and “Cold Hardy”

Purslane – French Golden Leaf

Galeaux d'Eyesines Squash (

Leeks – American Flag

Squash - Canada Crookneck, Galeaux d’Eyesines, and Small Sugar pumpkin


Amana Orange Tomato (

Tomatoes - 0-33 (determinate, red, frost tolerant), Amana Orange, Banana Legs, Bushy Chabarovsky, Chocolate Stripes, Deep Space (Snickers), Eva Purple Ball, Ildi (yellow cherry), Mac Pink (determinate), Moravsky Div, Ozark Sunrise, Red Siberian, San Marzano, Sungold F1 (cherry, hybrid), and Zapotec.

Turnips – Purple Top White Globe

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