Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bringing In The 'Maters

   Last night was forecast to dip below zero, so I had to bring in the tomatoes, ripe or not.  Most are not, including the tomatoes that are supposed to be green!  We'll have to get some cardboard boxes to place them in and we'll see which ones ripen over the next few weeks.  No variety outshone any other this year, though Early Annie (prolific!), Moskvich, and Yellow Taxi will be on my list to plant next summer.  


  1. Does this mean all your plants have frozen now? I'm shuddering at the thought of winter coming already.

  2. The leeks, beets, sunflowers, and some of the dry beans are still okay, but everything else is caput. We'll likely be digging up potatoes this weekend.