Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Honour Stands

I love the idea of honour stands.  :-)

This fellow visits three honour system farm stands.

Another little honour stand, where bouquets of flowers and pottery are sold.

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  1. Really enjoyed these videos . Thanks for sharing.
    What an amazing yard in the second video - loved the walking tour and the dahlias. Of note was the straw method of growing potatoes which reminded me of the wonderful results we had doing something similar with seaweed. When I looked at tour of the yard, it also reminded me of all that you have done with your own property with the numerous raised beds R. has built, lovely annual and perennial flower beds you tend, and numerous containers of vegetables and flowers planted besides. Such a lot of hard work and tender, loving care, especially given your growing zone; such a beautiful oasis come July and August.
    Well done!